Fluity Kate Crop Blouse in TROPIX

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By Paylot


Introducing the Fluity Kate Crop Blouse, a luxurious piece of artistry cut from our ultra-breathable and silky-soft Fluity fabric. This off-the-shoulder design adorned with romantic puff sleeves features a sweetheart neckline and short sleeves for an elegant and exclusively tasteful look. Perfect for a day by the ocean or a night out on the town.

* Each item is handmade and unique, so the print may not be situated on the item exactly as shown in the pictures


Size Chart:



(U.S. shirt size)

6 to 8

Care Instructions

The lifespan of your new activewear depends on how well you care for it. To ensure they continue to have the brightest colors and maintain their elasticity and supportive light compression...

  • Handwash or machine wash on a GENTLE, COLD water cycle
  • Wash in a mesh laundry bag and/or turn inside-out
  • Always HANG to dry in a shaded area
  • Do not use bleach or iron

We hope you enjoy your activewear for years to come!

Eco-Friendly Fabric Benefits
  • 100% UV protection
  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • Anti-microbial & Odor-resistant
  • 4-way stretch
  • Retains fit in the water
  • Moisture-wicking & Quick-dry
  • Ultra-breathable
  • Fade-resistant digital print
  • Buttery-soft comfort

Polyamide biodegradebale nylon & Lycra

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